MarketSpace Communications - Issue #20

Business On The Net

The Internet is changing the way businesses operate. More than 40 percent of all businesses say that the Net has changed the way they work. This year, 97 percent say they use it for research and communication, up from 64 percent last year. In addition, 22 percent say they use it for advertising and promotion, up from 4 percent last year.

Not all are on the Net yet. Eighteen percent say they donít have the time and 10 percent say they have no interest. Those numbers are down from last year when 24 percent said they didnít have the time and 16 percent said they didnít have an interest. The research was conducted by George S. May International Co.:

Advertising On The Web

The latest efforts to develop an industry standard for advertising on the Web is a joint effort of the American Association of Advertising Agencies and the Association of National Advertisers. For an executive summary on the 11 key principals they have developed, go to:

For a free demo of a program that lets advertisers directly and instantaneously receive reports that compare ad performance to contract obligations, go to: ClickWise will also let advertisers present their ads to targeted consumer profiles, helping them achieve higher click-through rates.

Merging consumer data available in traditional direct marketing lists with electronically gathered data will help general-interest Web sites better target their ads and content. A new service based on software that facilitates this for large sites has just been introduced by Intelligent Interactions. Its Adfinity service will let subscribers overlay consumer data from third-party lists with visitors who have registered at a Web site. This will let Web sites present content and ads on a one-to-one basis, increasing their click-through rates. Subscribers will pay from $1 to $5 per thousand consumers who have logged into a site. For more info go to:

Whoís Buying On The Net?

Binary Compass Enterprises,, surveyed 1000 shoppers who made purchases on the Internet and reports that men are the biggest on-line customers now. They account for 79 percent of all shoppers and average:

  • 38.9 years in age
  • $176 per purchase
  • $76,634 in income

Women average:

  • 37.3 years in age
  • $93 per purchase
  • $60,360 in income

Free Fonts

High-quality typefaces for your Web pages from internationally renowned designers are available to download at no cost from Microsoft at The self-extracting file will install fonts such as Verdana, Georgia, Trebuchet, Arial Black and Impact. They all make it easier to read the text on your Web pages.

Extranet Helps Reduce Clients' Risks

Chicago-based Aon Corp. (, one of the nationís largest insurance and consulting companies, has begun offering an extranet to help companies reduce their risk. The site offers weather services, government reports on hazardous waste, as well as databases that help companies assess their insurance coverage, costs and risks. Client retention is the inspiration for the new service.

Voice-Activated Web Browser

Tired of typing in text every time you want to go somewhere on the Web? IBM has new software that transforms Netscape Navigator 3.0 into a speech-enabled Web browser. Users have about 20 voice commands that let them automate URL entries, key word searches and Web site navigation. The VoiceType Connection sells for $12.95. Download it at

Online Demographics Database

When you want a demographic profile of any market in the US, get the information quickly and at no cost by going to Easy Analytic Softwareís Web site: It features over a million pages of free demographic information thatís organized in 12 different reports and 12 different geographic parameters.

Small business owners can drop by the Idea Cafe,, to get information about managing and marketing a small business. One section features software for small office/home office managers. A discussion forum invites visitors to help solve marketing/management challenges.

Adrian&Peterson Incorporated

This newsletter is published by Adrian&Peterson, a new-breed public relations and marketing communications firm that specializes in marketspace communications.

MarketSpace Communications - Issue #21

Visit API's New Web Site

The Adrian&Peterson Inc. Web site ( has a new look and new features. A new marketing section focuses on the surging over-40 market. Our Boomers Plus pages include audio reports from Newscaster Gerry Whitman who shares information for and about this powerful marketing group. Our Web Promotion tutorial section has been enhanced with the MetaCrawler search engine which simultaneously tracks 6 of the Web's most powerful search engines: Alta Vista, Excite, Infoseek, Lycos, Webcrawler and Yahoo. We've also added a new title in our Press Release Factory to announce new Web sites and a Links section identifying our business partners and Web sites we have bookmarked. Let us know your thoughts. Look for an exciting ActiveX agent application soon that will provide an entertaining tour of our site.

Intelligent Marketing Agents: Passive & Aggressive

Marketing on the Web is being advanced with the help of intelligent agents that approach the marketspace from different perspectives. The aggressive agent, exemplified by the Firefly Passport System (, surveys consumers online to determine their liks and dislikes. The agents then makes purchase recommendations for those matching a particular group profile.

The passive agent, exemplified by Open Sesame ( , gets its consumer information by monitoring a consumer's online behavior and buying habits. Instead of providing recommendations based on a group profile, this newer technology provides the means to offer recommendations to individuals.

Look for future agents to combine both passive and aggressive agents to meet the broader needs of marketers.

MS + $1 Billion = {:-) Comcast

Can widespread use of multimedia on the Internet be far behind now that Microsoft invested $1 billion in Comcast Cablevision? The move comes as the nation's fourth-largest cable TV company begins rolling out its @Home cable modem service for residences in its existing American markets. The investment is expected to hasten the rollout of Comcast Online's Internet product for small and medium-sized businesses: @Work.

Comcast Online officially launches the @Home service this last week of June in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Detroit. An open house at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial will mark the Michigan rollout. In conjunction with the service, it has created InDetroit (, a large and growing online community featuring the sites and sounds of southeastern Michigan's vibrant community.

Powerful Notebooks For Less!

Intel, Hitachi and Fujitsu are among the computer makers who are coming out with new powerful notebooks for less than $2000. In the next few months Intel ( will offer a 120-MHz Pentium MMX mobile processor that will be found in a notebook with a price tag of about $1,500.

Meanwhile, Hitachi's VisionBook Plus series ( starts at $1,999 with a 133-MHz Pentium chip, 16MB of RAM, 12.1-inch dual-scan screen, 1.4GB hard drive, Universal Serial Bus port, a 33.6Kbs modem and a 10X CD-ROM drive.

Fujitsu's LifeBook series ( begins with the 435Dx model that has the same features as Hitachi's entry VisionBook computer, minus the modem, for the same price.

Online Business Software Tutorials

Learn Microsoft Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word 7.0, Windows 95 and NT, Internet Explorer 3.0, Netscape Navigator 3.0, Lotus Notes 4.5 and more at your convenience over time. Ziff-Davis's ZDNet offers LearnItOnline ( to active business professionals online. The series of 10-20 minute tutorials can be accessed whenever work schedules permit. And, get all the training you need for just $29.95 per year.

Training Stats

If you want to know the value of training for businesses, a good place to turn is Click on the Inside June 1 issue for the ammunition needed to sell a training program.

Web Sites Made Easier

Two of the latest Web authoring tools provide features that will allow even non-programmers to create relatively sophisticated sites. QuickSite,, will let non-techie site designers create fairly complex Web sites with features such as Web-based catalog creation. Its WYSIWYG Layout Designer, with drag-and-drop features, lets novices design Web pages employing Office 97 applications. It also support frames and can spell check an entire Web site. And when you're checking your work, it will let you see what it looks like with different browsers. It costs $150.

Another highly touted Web authoring tool is the latest version of Claris Home Page ( NetGuide Magazine rates it the best. Home Page has a large library of images, buttons and backgrounds from which to build your site. Drag and drop tables, support for Java applets and Java Script as well as QuickTime and Shockwave are some of its valuable features.

Intranet Virus Software

Scanning viruses on desktops from an intranet server is an application that should have a big market in the coming months and years. That's why Trend Micro plans to introduce such a product by the end of the year. It will be powered by ActiveX and is currently being tested as PC-cillin HouseCall ( .

According to Symantec's AntiVirus Research Center, the number of people who used the Internet, online services or bulletin boards to update their Norton antivirus databases jumped from 5,000 two years ago to 900,000 this year.

Postcards From Cyberspace

A new marketing strategy for encouraging word-of-mouth advertsing to promote Web sites borrows from the classic postcard. Innovative Web sites are providing visitors with the means of sending colorful, animated, personalized postcards via the Web to help them spread the word - "Wish you were here!" Some of the sites employing postcards include:

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This newsletter is published by Adrian&Peterson, a new-breed public relations and marketing communications firm that specializes in marketspace communications. A hyperlinked version of this newsletter is also posted and archived at

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