Risk Management Reports
June 2002

Personal Reading List

In My continuing fascination with managing uncertainty is reflected in the wide variety of periodicals that offer something of value to the curious
risk manager. I don't pretend to read completely all of these publications, but I do cover the "essential" ones with care, and skim most of the others.


  • The Economist
  • The New York Times
  • The Wilson Quarterly
  • The New Yorker


  • Asia Insurance Review
  • Business Insurance
  • Business Risk
  • Captive Insurance Company Reports
  • Catalyst
  • Center for Risk Management Newsletter (Washington, DC)
  • CFO
  • Focus (Zurich Insurance Company
  • Foresight
  • GARP Risk Review
  • Geneva Papers (The Geneva Association)
  • Gerencia de Riesgos (Mapfre)
  • Global Reinsurance
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Ideas (National Humanities Center)
  • InfoRM (Institute of Risk Management)
  • Internal Auditor
  • International Risk Management
  • Journal of Contingencies & Crisis Management
  • Journal of Risk and Insurance

  • Journal of Risk Research (Society for Risk Analysis, Europe and Japan)
  • Natural Hazards Observer (University of Colorado)
  • Natural Hazards Review
  • Philosophy & Public Policy Quarterly (University of Maryland)
  • Reactions
  • Risk Analysis (Society for Risk Analysis)
  • Risk Decision and Policy
  • Risk: Health, Safety & Environment
  • Risk in Perspective (Harvard Center for Risk Analysis)
  • Risk Management (Risk & Insurance Society)
  • Risk Management: an International Journal
  • Risk Management Bulletin
  • Risk Management Reports (of course!)
  • Risk Policy Report
  • Sigma (Swiss Reinsurance Company)
  • Strategic Risk
  • Treasury & Risk Management

And to leaven the loaf:

  • Sailing World
  • Maine Boats & Harbors
  • Working Waterfront
  • and Open-Water Rowing!
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