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To a diverse cross-section of major companies and organizations worldwide, RiskINFO provides We can help your organization, company, or department harness Internet technology to do your job better. Our clients include banks, insurance companies, risk management and safety management departments, publishers, consultants, counties, insurance brokers, public entity insurance pools, towns, chambers of commerce, and some of the world's largest industrial and high-technology companies.

Internet, IntraNet, and ExtraNet technologies are not limited to creating a marketing presence. Our experts have helped many companies, organizations, and departments within large organizations. In addition to developing customized solutions for a variety of needs, we have developed "plug-in" IntraNets and Extranets for risk management, environmental health and safety, and disaster planning / response. We can develop your company's web site or your department's IntraNet, or take an existing, marketing-only site to "the next level." Our core expertise is to work with you to devise workable strategies for how you can harness powerful, new technologies, to better serve your clientele, and gain competitive advantage. Specific services include:

Our clients include leaders in the Insurance Industry, as well as key Fortune 500 and Technology companies.

Building Technology Solutions

We take a "no-nonsense" approach. The web sites that we have created have a wealth of useful information.

We believe the user interface should be simple, visually-appealing, easy-to-navigate, and contain a measure of intrigue. Most users of the web sites we build are not "surfers." Rather, they usually are people who are looking for specific information, or want answers to difficult questions. Or, they may need to perform a necessary function, such as reporting an accident, or transfering medical data to a testing facility. Or to find out what classes are offered for required training.

The sites we design are for people use web sites to save time in doing what they need to do anyway, not to find an outlet for available time. Or to gain immediate access to information that is needed NOW.

A site that we developed for the American Red Cross serves as a virtual emergency operations center, and provides logistical information to in-house staff and volunteers, as well as providing up-to-date information to the public on where to find Red Cross shelters and service facilities.

Our vision is that Internet technology allows universal access to different kinds of media that previously have been separate. These include published text resources, database-driven software applications, and multimedia such as streaming audio/video. So, it is true that "the network is the computer." With nothing more than a web browser, without needing to install specialized software on your desktop, you can run powerful software applications from your desktop. These applications can draw from specialized databases or applications, simultaneously from computers located anywhere in the world, and bring the information together in one place in your desktop view.

Your challenge is to learn how to effectively use this power.

Internet Publishing

The RiskINFO web site is a collaborative effort, with participation by leading publishers to provide a resource center for professionals in the areas of:

The six major industry publications currently on RiskINFO include:

PRM OnLINE, the electronic edition of “Practical Risk Management”, the leading risk management reference publication, whose subscribers include most of the Fortune 1,000 risk managers, leading public entities, and virtually all of the major brokerage organizations. It offers a concise overview of over 100 topics on all facets of risk management, and exceeds 2,000 pages. The electronic edition provides exceptional detail through “drill-down” hypertext links, such as the full text of pertinent court decisions, legislation, tax laws, and applicable commentary by industry experts.

Risk Management Reports, by Felix Kloman, is offered to all visitors to RiskINFO at a voluntary, nominal cost, in the Internet's tradition of "shareware" content. For the past twenty years, RMR has offered a strategic viewpoint and provocative analysis of all aspects of risk assessment, risk control, and risk financing. The newly-introduced on-line edition promises to adapt Felix’s irreverence and unique insights to the capabilities of interactive cyber-communications, providing risk management professionals with an opportuninty to interact in a lively forum.

Smart's Insurance Bulletin is the only weekly newsletter providing timely reporting of regulatory, political, and legal developments affecting the California property/casualty industry. Find out why more than 2,000 agents, brokers, attorneys, consultants, insurance company executives and risk managers depend on Smart's Insurance Bulletin.

Smart's California Workers' Compensation Bulletin is the only weekly newsletter reporting exclusively on California’s workers’ compensation insurance industry. The on-line version will provide additional information not available in print versions of the newsletter.

The Warren Report, by risk management pioneer Dave Warren, offers a range of advice ranging from humorous observations on the state of risk management in the real world to how to organize a risk management manual.

The Disaster Recovery Yellow Pages Online Edition is available at our award-winning companion site, Disasterplan.com, and for IntraNet distribution. We have converted this leading resource of all major providers of disaster prevention and recovery services to a searchable database, integrated with useful information on contingency planning and disaster management.

Several other publishers, including the Health & Hygeine/ELB Associates OSHA Compliance System and Nils Publishing, have introduced IntraNet versions of as many as 20 additional publications, working in concert with RiskINFO. The IntraNet packages bundle together a broad range of reference material, topics of current interest, and software applications. The only software required on the Risk Manager's desktop to access the combined capabilites of database software and text-based knowledge is a standard "web browser."

Other resources available on RiskINFO include current commentary on technology, the risks of cyberspace, a sophisticated, inferential search engine, an interactive Risk Forum, and SafetyNetwork, a centralized source for information concerning Environmental Health and Safety. Through Internet and Intranet media, we can provide you with as many as 200,000 pages of information on all aspects of risk management, accessible through a powerful search engines.

We are working vigorously to add new features and resources. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions, and let us know what we can do to actualize your Internet and IntraNet "wish list."


Allen Monroe
Founder and CEO


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