Future Codes: Essays in
Advanced Computer Technology & The Law

A new book by

Curtis E.A. Karnow
Sonnenschein Nath + Rosenthal

This book collects essays on the mutual effects of computer technology and the law. Traditional legal doctrines applied to the ever-changing field of computer technology are generating unpredictable and often bizarre results. The books discusses, among other areas, virtual reality and copyright, liability for distributed artificial intelligences, encryption, criminal law on the Internet, liability for web sites, the inherent error of computing systems, the role of various sorts of intellectual property in the Internet context, and the social and cultural context for the new interplay between law and technology. It is an essential guide and reference work for anyone in the legal or computer fields.

The Author is a practicing attorney in San Francisco, experienced in both the litigation and transactional aspects of representing high tech companies. His clients include a web search engine company, makers of software tools, and encryption products, computer makers, and developers and publishers of game software. He is a former federal prosecutor and serves as an arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association.

More information is available at the publisher’s web site, www.artech-house.com