I. Understanding Internet Technologies


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I. Understanding Internet Technologies

I. Origins of Internet Technology

Internet Technology: Based on Standards

Packet-Switched Networks

What is the Internet?

Who Owns the Internet Today?

Internet Services

Internet Software

Growth of the Internet

Growth of the Web

The World Wide Web: Timeline

The Majority of PCs are now Connected

Cost: Usage and Distance-Insensitive

Internet Access Providers

Getting Connected: Options

Bandwidth Options

Faster and Wireless

II. Unique Capabilities and Risk Characteristics of Internet Technologies

The Web: New Publishing Paradigm

On-line Risk Management Manuals

Web Tools and Risk Management Applications

Web-Based Risk Information Resources

Insurance and Risk Management Uses of Internet and EDI Technologies

Other Uses of the New Technology

Electronic Data Interchange

III. Managing the New Risks

Security Risks

Security Risks: Unauthorized Access

Email Hoaxes

Security and Loss Control: Preventing Unauthorized Access


Insuring against loss due to Unauthorized Access

“Internet Commerce Can Be A Safer Retail Environment than Traditional Channels, Reports CommerceNet and Baseline Software”

Best Practices in Internet Commerce Security

Risk Financing and Insurance Alternatives

Intellectual Property Risks

Web Publishing: Media Liability

Copyright Infringement

Trademarks, Service Marks, Trade Dress


Cyber-Liability Insurance Programs

Media Professional Insurance Cyber-Liability Programs

Media Professional Insurance Cyber-Liability Programs

Errors and Omissions

Errors and Omissions Risks

Media Professional Insurance CyberLiability Programs

IV. Summary and Looking into the Future

The Non-Traditional Workplace


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