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We can help your organization make the most effective use of Internet technologies. Through collaborative efforts with major publishers and software developers, RiskINFO has created "Internet-ready" packaged informational content and software applications. By integrating these materials into your own Internet and IntraNet web sites, you easily and cost-effectively can make a range of valuable resources and software tools available to your management, employees, and customers. RiskINFO and its collaborating publishers help you with installation and maintenance, and provide regular updates and upgrades.

We also conceptualize, design, implement, and host effective Internet web sites and Intranet applications. Internet technology is unique in its abilty to bring to the desktop a breadth of applications that previously have been separate disciplines. Therefore our Development Team is comprised of experts having the diverse range of talents required to provide you with applications that fully exploit the unique qualities of this new medium. Specific skills include:

Industry knowledge and experience, particularly in Risk Management, Insurance, Safety, Disaster Recovery, and Human Resources.
Internet Database applications design and development.
JAVA and CGI programming of applets and server-based processes that bring web sites to life.
Web site graphics design and animation.
Web site streaming audio and video.
Marketing communications and planning.
Publishing and content management.
Systems integration, computer network engineering, and E-mail / Internet connectivity.
Web server configuration.
In-depth knowledge of computer hardware and software, including Microsoft-certified information system professionals.
Strategic planning and visionary thinking. In 1979, our founder initiated one of the first microcomputer based packaged software applications, a Risk Management Information System.
Risk Management and Claims Managment Information Systems.